Norm Quiros

Born and raised in San Francisco (a true local!), Norm is a traditionally trained artist/illustrator who has a love of all things strange and surreal, fantastic and amazing. His mission is to bring to life visions which stop the viewer and make them question the nature of reality. Either that, or to make them laugh. At the very least, to be entertained.

After a stint in Southern California in the entertainment industry as a storyboard artist and designer, he has since returned to the city of his birth to explore life and art in the new San Francisco. He works digitally as well as in acrylics, oils, and the occasional finger paint.

Norm's experience covers storyboards and presentation boards, character designs, production illustration, comics, and more. His client list includes Gentle Giant Studios, Lucas Arts, THX, Eyestorm Productions, Prologue Films,  GameSpot, Sanrio, SF Giants, and FOX.