Norm Quiros

Born and raised in San Francisco, Norm is a traditionally trained artist who has made his way into the digital age.

A steady diet of grindhouse movies and science fiction influenced his already curious young mind, pushing his interests into the surreal and strange. Further seasoned by a scattering of offbeat humor and a general taste for the ridiculous, Norm seeks to bring to life visions which stop the viewer and make them question the nature of reality. Either that, or to make them laugh. At the very least, to be entertained.

After a stint in Southern California, dabbling in the entertainment industry as an artist of various skills and service, he decided to come back home to the city of his birth, and explore life in the new San Francisco.

In early 2017, a surprise diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis led to an unexpected aortic valve replacement half a year later. In fitting with his sense of the macabre and art, he is currently exploring this experience in several facets of his art, among other concerns. 

Norm's experience covers storyboards and presentation boards, character designs, production illustration, comics, and more. He also work traditionally in acrylics and oils. 

His client list includes Gentle Giant Studios, Lucas Arts, THX, Eyestorm Productions, Prologue Films, 
Gamespot, Sanrio, the SF Giants, HeLo, and FOX.